Contact: Rob Travia
Diversity Consortium
Office: (919) 502-3104

COLUMBIA—(BUSINESS WIRE) — Friday, January 15, 2021-  – The Diversity Consortium (DC) today announces Gregory Brooks has been named Technical Director of its company.

Gregory Brooks has joined the Diversity Consortium to support the delivery of technological solutions to its clients.  He will also coordinate with the Partner director and Diversity Partners to understand their processes and products, to maximize output while reducing costs, and create cross company integrated deliverables for clients.


Mr. Brooks has extensive information technology and operations leadership at a corporate level of a multi-million-dollar business. He brings with him a proven track record of proactive and decisive leadership, needs and process assessment, team building and mentoring, data and information management, content analytics and mining, workflow and process design, cost & budget optimization, ultimately resulting in revenue growth and profitability.


Mr. Brooks also comes to the DC with over 20 years of leadership experience working with a group of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. He has traveled the world, while engaging with clients from multiple industries. While he is not fluent in the languages of those countries, he has been exposed to various systems, technologies, and platforms that allowed him to become more fluent with data. Moreover, he has learned how to navigate through the difficulties that come with each opportunity with a team first approach. Mr. Brooks understands that it takes people, process, and technologies to deliver effective solutions, with people being the key component.


To this end, Mr. Brooks brings a unique strength to the DC. Mr. Brooks has received formal education and training as a Pastor, having served in that capacity for almost 6 years. In that servant leadership role, he has honed his communication skills which require more effective listening than talking. In that capacity, he also earned distinctions as a Chaplain and an effective marriage counselor. Both of these functions have accorded Mr. Brooks the ability and skills to, exhibit patience and understanding with his target audience. As a result, Mr. Brooks knows how to listen to his client’s story to discover their pain points.


Moreover, Mr. Brooks utilizes a humble leadership style with a measured and balanced approach for meeting deadlines and deliverables. Thus, he is able to stay calm and composed, even in tough situations.  Second, he knows how to get in the trenches to help execute the task, as necessary. Third, the teacher in him seeks to motivate, inspire, and empower people along the way. This means, he tries to be intentional with translating and communicating complex ideas with clarity to his user audience.


Mr. Brooks has earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA), a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland), and a dual Master of Divinity and Master of Communication degree from Andrews University (Berrien Springs, MI). He has also completed 2 CPE units from Community Care Chaplains.


Mr. Brooks and his wonderful family reside in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A.