XBEs Need Our Help

The data shows us that more diverse businesses are failing due to the COVID-19 pandemic than non-diverse businesses. They need our help to overcome this crisis and get our economy back on track.

COVID Impact On XBEs Infographic

During these unprecedented times, we are discovering now more than ever the disparities in impact on the diversity in our communities. The COVID-19 virus has shown us that diverse businesses are struggling and more of them are likely to fail than non-diverse businesses.

Prior to Covid-19, Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE’s) saw tremendous growth, helping this demographic become a significant part of the American economy despite challenges they continued to face in the business world. Within the context of COVID-19, however, the disparities that minorities face led to grave consequences. Research shows that not only were DBE’s hit harsher than most, but we are seeing an increasing change in attitude towards them.

Given the challenges, what’s a company to do? First reevaluate the corporate supplier diversity strategy. Then supplier outreach to see if suppliers can weather the storm. Then provide XBE mentoring, coaching, and financial, support they need. Need help? Ask us how at the DC.