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Expert Guidance to XBE Financial Services

COLUMBIA—(BUSINESS WIRE) — Tuesday, January 25, 2022 – An essential element to business success is access to financing whether for capital investment, operating funds, cash flow or simply getting paid quickly and accurately. The Diversity Consortium has partnered with industry leading firms to provide XBEs (women, minority, LGBTQ, Veteran, Disabled, and Small Business Owned Enterprises) access to funding of several different types from multiple sources. “… [These] organizations provide financing solutions every day to clients just like you. The only difference is that we [The DC] have pre-negotiated XBE rates based upon our volume that you can capitalize on that aren’t available if you went there directly,” explains Rob Travia, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Diversity Consortium.

The firms provide short-term funding to cover operating costs and payroll while meeting corporate payment term requirements. Randall Dobbins of Dobbins International partners with The DC. “Access to capital is critical to the viability and success of XBEs. Lack of access to capital is among the greatest frustrations experienced by business owners serious about growing their business. The pandemic made this problem worse for many in the XBE community,” Dobbins expresses. “It’s crucial and imperative my healthcare agency has funding to operate and grow,” shares Dr. Cortella Wilkes, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Healthcare Advantage, “funding and financing could mean the difference in my business surviving or not, especially during this pandemic when I need to have nurses and other staffing.”

The Diversity Consortium has $2B to help XBEs secure financing varying from traditional funding sources to crowd sourcing to organizations willing to fund high credit risk clients. Each firm is committed to supporting XBEs in their growth, operation, and success in their chosen field. At the opposite end of the financial spectrum, The DC offers long-term capital funding for equipment and facilities. Within this spectrum, it offers a wide variety of finance and funding offerings as well. “The DC has the level of expertise to help me fund my business, so I can focus on running my business. It’s a burden when I must worry and wait for funds to come in, to bring on more nurses or pay my nurses. They [The DC] focus on securing money for me to keep going and to grow my business. It’s less worry for me. It’s like a burden lifted and I don’t have to look for funds to get my staff and nurses paid,” says Dr. Wilkes. “That’s the benefit of working with the DC to help with financial services.”

The DC’s funding process starts with an understanding of the XBE’s financing needs at which point it introduces the suitable financing partner based on those requirements. Together with the funding partner, The DC works with the XBE through the discovery, review, and approval process to support their funding needs.

More information about The Diversity Consortium and its partnerships can be found at Interviews (XBEs, The DC staff, and partners) are available to all media upon request. Start securing funds for your business TODAY!

About The Diversity Consortium, LLC

Headquartered in Columbia, SC, the DC brings together a group of best-in-class service providers that drive the material benefit of XBE performance into the corporate supply chain. The DC was founded to overcome decades of sluggish supplier diversity growth by enhanced visibility to vetted XBEs, incorporating sustainable supplier improvements, and mitigating COVID-19 supplier impact and social justice issues. Our goal is to help corporations align their diversity strategies and efficiently implement their programs while supporting the XBE supply base with the tools and resources they need to be successful.