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COLUMBIA—(BUSINESS WIRE) —Tuesday, March 29, 2022 – Every small business wants to take care of their employees by offering a comprehensive benefits package, but most lack the bargaining power of major corporations to keep related operating expenses low. The Diversity Consortium is launching a new healthcare service enabling XBEs (women, minority, LGBTQ, Veteran, and Disabled Owned Enterprises) to provide affordable healthcare to their employees while simultaneously gaining a competitive advantage over non-XBEs who cannot access these valuable services. FirstCall Health Services is a new, Direct Primary Care practice offering patients 24-hour direct access to physicians at a low, flat monthly rate.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a practice model enabling physicians to offer their services directly to their patients or employers without insurance company administration processes. There is no co-pay, no deductible, no billing for covered services and no need for sky-high monthly premiums. The membership fee covers virtual and in-person primary care visits, wholesale pricing on lab work and imaging, as well as medication help, providing the best, most affordable, and convenient care possible. “FirstCall Health Services is a total game changer for XBEs,” states Diversity Consortium COO Rob Travia. “It helps level the playing field with large corporations and gives XBEs a leg up on their competition by keeping operating expenses low while simultaneously attracting top talent they might otherwise lose without the ability to provide health coverage for their employees.”

In most cases, diverse firms find that it tends to be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming to sponsor and manage a robust benefits package on their own. FirstCall Health Services provides options for employers to fund or co-fund the program with their employees. However, if that is not an option, individuals and their families can participate in the program directly, enjoying extraordinary access to their physician for $100 per month per employee, or $150 for an entire family.

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About The Diversity Consortium, LLC

The Diversity Consortium brings together a group of best-in-class service providers that drive the material benefit of XBE performance into the corporate supply chain. The DC was founded to overcome decades of sluggish supplier diversity growth by enhanced visibility to vetted XBEs, incorporating sustainable supplier improvements, and mitigating COVID-19 supplier impact and social justice issues. Our goal is to help corporations align their diversity strategies and efficiently implement their programs while supporting the XBE supply base with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

About The FirstCall Health Services, LLC

FIRSTCALL Health Services (FCHS) as the Direct Primary Care practice will support the XBE’s healthcare needs for their employees.  It provides options for the employer to co/fund  the program or provide the employee and their family FCHS as an alternative of which they will absorb the flat monthly rate. This couple with a supplementary & high deductible major medical policies offer a viable healthcare benefit.