Contact: Randall Dobbins
President / Diversity Consortium
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COLUMBIA—(BUSINESS WIRE) — Monday, September 12, 2022 – The Diversity Consortium’s (DC) new healthcare benefits package, announced back in March, is changing the game for XBEs (women, minority, LGBTQ, Veteran, and Disabled Owned Enterprises). Every small business wants to take care of their employees but lacks the bargaining power of major corporations that keep operating costs low. In most cases, diverse firms find it to be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming to sponsor and manage a robust benefits package on their own. The XBE Health Plan allows XBEs to provide affordable healthcare benefits to their employees while simultaneously gaining a competitive advantage over non-XBEs who cannot access these valuable services. The cornerstone of this new service is a system of membership-model Direct Primary Care (DPC) supplemented by major medical and other insurance coverages to help manage each XBE employee’s financial risk.

The Diversity Consortium is proud to announce a partnership with GAB International and Blue Leaf Technologies to offer Major Medical coverage as an optional addition to the Health Plan’s DPC core. While primary care covers a patient’s daily reactive and proactive care, employees remain vulnerable to the exorbitant cost of more specialized or serious medical services such as surgeries, specialists, and in-patient hospital stays. GAB International’s major medical coverage is now available to XBE employees for those moments when they need someone more than a primary care doctor.

For over 20 years, GAB International and Blue Leaf Technologies have worked to make health insurance and employee benefits more accessible to employers across the country, and their founder and CEO, Felipe Barganier, expressed his excitement over this new partnership with The Diversity Consoritum’s XBE Health Plan. “As an XBE owner myself, it is very important that organizations like the DC are accessible to our businesses so that we are all able to flourish, and employee benefits are the cornerstone for attracting and retaining talented employees. We are honored to be able to further the cause and mission of The Diversity Consortium and to be a part of this incredible opportunity to help XBE’s nationally.” The Diversity Consortium, GAB International, and Blue Leaf Technologies are rolling out the XBE Health Plan first in South Carolina before expanding it to North Carolina, Georgia, and the rest of the U.S. XBE owners can visit www.thediversityconsortium.com for more information.

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About The Diversity Consortium, LLC

The Diversity Consortium brings together a group of best-in-class service providers that drive the material benefit of XBE performance into the corporate supply chain. The DC was founded to overcome decades of sluggish supplier diversity growth by enhanced visibility to vetted XBEs, incorporating sustainable supplier improvements, and mitigating COVID-19 supplier impact and social justice issues. Our goal is to help corporations align their diversity strategies and efficiently implement their programs while supporting the XBE supply base with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

About FirstCall Health Services, LLC

FirstCall Health Services (FCHS) coordinates the XBE Health Plan between XBEs and the various partners and providers of the XBE Health Plan. It provides options for the employer to co-fund the flat, monthly rate with the employee and their family or to fully subsidize the cost of the Plan. This, coupled with supplementary and high-deductible major medical policies offers a viable and affordable healthcare benefit.