XBE Thrive – Challenges of Healthcare Benefits

Live Webinar

Every company is challenged to provide employee health benefits, all Disadvantage Business Enterprises (XBE’s) are particularly burdened because of scale and volume. This session looks at the issues of attracting and retaining the talent necessary for success and the various options withing the marketplace to address employee’s health coverage needs for themselves and their families. [...]

XBE Thrive – Resource Planning Based on the Pipeline

Live Webinar

Planning is vital to successful businesses, aligning resources to the volume of work is essential to ensure efficiency, quality, and profitability. Managing resources is a key requirement to driving growth and stability within the company. Firms that can manage their resources based on their pipeline can meet their customers’ requirements, plan for variations in demand [...]

XBE Thrive – Finding & Managing Prospects

Live Webinar

It is always a challenge to find the companies searching for your services, the right contact to reach out to, and the method of sending and tracking your campaigns. This sessions looks at the options of B2B software that provide accurate contact information, insight to the right companies to reach out to, and effectively managing [...]

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