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Getting more done with less resources is a critical business success skill. Inflation, recession, staff shortages, supply chain challenges, more competition and customer driven cost pressures make today’s business climate one of the most difficult. This is why you need to have strategic alliances.

Strategic Alliances will:

  • Grow the Business
  • Increase Revenue
  • Add Value for Clients
  • Gain Access to New Customers and Markets
  • Strengthen Your Value Proposition
  • Enhance and Complete Your Product/Service Offerings
  • Share the Cost of People, Equipment, Facilities and Other Resources

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover if a strategic alliance is the next smartest move for your business.
  • Understand what you need in an alliance partner to achieve your business goals and avoid partner relationship failures
  • Discover how to implement a successful alliance with partners you can trust, and with whom you can grow long term business

Why Alliances are important:

Business owners are increasingly turning to strategic alliances to quickly grow revenues and address major growth challenges. While most see the benefits alliances bring, not all are confident in their ability to manage the associated risk. You may be one of the many who want more information on how to design successful alliances since poor design is one of the most common reasons for alliances’ failures – This online training will give you actionable tools to form successful alliances.

Both private and public contracting requirements preclude the ability of many XBE’s to participate. Many firms just aren’t big enough, can’t respond fast enough, or don’t offer a full menu of products and services to meet the contract requirements. This group includes 8+ figure XBE firms. Alliances address these types of contract requirements and may be the smartest option for your business.

What this training will do:

The virtual Strategic Alliance Training session hosted by The Diversity Consortium supports you in properly designing strategic alliances that deliver on your business goals and avoid the pitfalls that cause alliance failures.

Key elements of the training include:

  • Delivering compelling customer value
  • Focusing on core processes maximizing revenue
  • Clear direction on how strategic alliances support your business
  • The best ways to develop relationships with prospective partners
  • Knowing when to walk away from a negotiation/relationship
  • Identifying the right metrics to drive desired results
  • Ensuring that you maximize the opportunities to market your alliance

What you will get from the training:

  1. Understanding how to design a world-class alliance
  2. How to address relationship issues currently plaguing your business
  3. Gain more confidence in integrating the smartest growth strategy into your daily operations
  4. Specific, actionable next steps to get you to where you want to be

Getting the most from this training – logistics and materials:

This is an intense training. It will move quickly. You will get the most by attending the entire event and minimizing interruptions.

There will be handouts, guides, and other tools to support your integration of the training into your business. These will be provided during the training. They are made available for you to download and use for various situations you may confront. They are provided complimentary only during the training. A recording of the training and handouts will be available for purchase should you be interested.

While this training session is virtual it will still be lively and interactive.

  • It will be conducted in presenter mode with questions for the participants so you can get the most out of the time you spend with us
  • We will monitor the chat for Q&A and set time aside to answer your questions

Alliances and partnerships are a key staple in business strategies for organizations large and small.

Come discover how a strategic alliance will support your business goals.

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