Industry groups we have experience serving:

  • Aerospace and Defense – production, sale, and service of aircraft; military weapons and systems

  • Apparel – clothing, footwear and accessories

  • Business Services – consulting, information technology, shipping, procurement, finance, banking, insurance

  • Chemicals – petro-chemicals, plastics, fertilizers, consumer products, life sciences

  • Energy – design, implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting, conservation, infrastructure, sourcing, power generation, supply and risk management

  • Engineering and Construction – design, architecture, site preparation, new work, alterations, renovations, maintenance, repairs and project management

  • Financials – banks, investment, insurance and real estate companies

  • Food & Drug Stores – supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies

  • Food, Beverages, & Tobacco – products for consumption, bakery, candy products, nonalcoholic, alcoholic beverages

  • Healthcare – Hospitals, home health, urgent and emergency care, physician groups, medical services, medical equipment, drugs, medical insurance

  • Hotel, Restaurants, & Leisure – short term and long term accommodations, assisted living, food services, sports arenas, fitness centers

  • Household Products – durable and non-durable

  • Industrials – capital goods, machinery, equipment, and supplies

  • Information Technology Sector ETFs and Mutual Funds – managed and private

  • Materials –chemicals, construction, containers and packaging, paper and forest products, metals and mining

  • Media – storing and communicating information, technology, print, digital, film

  • Motor Vehicle and Parts – motor vehicles sales, parts, registration, financing, repair and maintenance

  • Retailing – consumer goods and services sale, vending

  • Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment – research, design and fabrication

  • Software and Services – coding, program, application development and support services

  • Technology – system, internet and support services

  • Technology, Hardware, & Equipment – drives, storage, servers, laptops, ancillary devices

  • Telecommunications – transmission of voice, data, text, sound, and video

  • Transportation – air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail, and infrastructure

  • Wholesalers – distribution, purchase and resale of goods and materials


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