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Group Purchasing

  • Leverages the volume of products and commodities procured through Group Purchasing Organizations to ensure you get he lowest pricing and optimal savings. 
  • Analyzes your requirements and identifies alternative products and technologies that meet your needs while saving you money.
  • Ensures flow down to sub-contractors is realized and recognized in your program.


  • Ensure that products for each need are standardized to take advantage of volume and sourcing efficiencies.
  • Ensures consistency of products and processes across sites to maximize savings.
  • Provide access to both negotiated and off-contract items to address each site’s needs.
  • Product specifications & performance are clearly defined to ensure needs are met.
  • Defined approach drives compliance & reporting ensuring transparency to savings.

Many organizations procure their indirect spend through multiple methods, platforms, channels and systems resulting in inconsistent processes and missed savings opportunities. Having a disciplined programmatic approach allows companies to leverage their spend with that of others to buy standardized products using consistent processes and achieve up to 10% savings.



Procure to Pay Infographic

Procure to Pay

  • Leverages the volume and mix of products and commodities that you need to purchase to achieve the most favorable pricing

  • It drives consistency across the organization and delivers measurable year over year savings Routing Guide provides

Best Value Finder

  • Utilizes a browser add-on to identify best pricing

  • Active web-based shopping pop-ups give the user alternative options for the items they are searching for

  • Integrated with Group Purchasing agreements and catalog pricing to align elements of the program

  • Compliance tracked & reported

Computer monitor displaying the Best Value Finder browser add on

Routing Guide

  • Provide guidelines for small parcel shipping & inventory control

  • Reduced shipping costs through defined, standard, service levels based on urgency and needs

  • Means firms can take advantage of discounts by leveraging volume

  • Optimizes transportation & logistics through process, standardization, compliance, tracking and reporting

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