Corporate Service Lines

Corporate Services or what we refer to as “Up Market” are focused on supporting our Fortune 1000 client base in strategic alignment and program fulfillment. That is to say, not only to develop and commit to an objective, but to fully achieve the results of the plan. With the experience of 1000’s of client engagements, we work to initially develop or to calibrate existing plans that articulate the visions as well as the tactical action plans to operationalize the effort. Drawing off of an expansive library of work product and market research, we bring Best Practices and leading edge technology to find the appropriate targeted supplier requirements and enlist them into our clients service in the most efficient manner. We when create and manage a strategic planning process along with a communication protocol that monitors performance and provides calibration and support to ensure productivity. In the process, KPI’s are established and data integration are implemented so that all of the players are working with the same information in a single view. By creating executive dashboard in OneView, both the client and the supplier can manage in a data driven environment.

For us, it is about activity engagement to ensure capability, capacity and strategic alignment

XBE Services or “Down Market” are focused first on understanding the supply market through not only the public listings, but by the actual core make-up of the supplier organizations themselves. With an active market research team, our understanding of suppliers and their condition is continually monitored. As we engage the targeted disadvantaged “XBE” organizations, we provide support to attain and maintain their certifications while gaining an understanding the competency of the organization and its improvement needs. Through mentoring, coaching and education, we close the gaps in the competency model to prepare each organization based on its individual and group requirements. A particular focus is placed on the financial wherewithal and coordinating resource availability the a variety of financial vehicles to improve viability. Shared services of business develop are offered to address sales, marketing and research along with Program Management and supplier vetting support. All of this service offering is designed to develop the capabilities and capacity of the XBE.

We ensure our XBE clients have the tools and support to achieve their goals and objectives

XBE Service Lines

Diversity needs to be less talk and more action. Check out our infographic showing supplier solutions, community impact, and redefining the rules of engagement.



We work as a single united team with market leading firms to
ensure our Clients the highest quality service available.