What is the Vetted Slate?

The DC can help refine a pool of potential suppliers through a set of tailored, structured assessment tools to provide a manageable subset of qualified suppliers for your RFP needs.

Vetted slates are developed for each client’s specific requirements (often at the RFP stage) to free up procurement time in searching, investigating and qualifying suitable service providers

Tailored refinement of suppliers to a handful that most fit your needs

  • Customized Vetting Process

  • RFP Matching

  • Certification Verification

  • Risk Assessment

  • Readiness Assessment

  • Capacity Assessment

  • Scalability Assessment

  • Reference Checks

  • Business Performance Assessment

  • Business Profile Reporting

  • RFP Compliance Reporting

Funnel showing steps to reach the Vetted Slate

Vetted Slate Tiering

  • Customizable level of vetting to your specific RFP allowing you on-demand flexibility

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum vetting tiers ensure a consistent assessment methodology

  • Sequential tiering provides increased assurances of risk mitigation, suitability, and qualification

  • Reliable and repeatable supplier assessments performed by independent auditors

  • Suppliers must successfully meet rigid requirements to meet your needs

  • Consistent process used across all product and service suppliers

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