What is the XBE Database?

A comprehensive repository of XBE firms categorized by supplier type, diversity classifications, location, ownership, NAICS code, certifying body.
This database gives corporations access to a vast number of companies that can provide services and support supplier diversity spend goals.


  • The most comprehensive database of diverse XBEs anywhere
  • Online access to over 600,000 suppliers with over 1.6 million certifications to run searches, pull reports and source projects
  • Leverages over 100 fields of information to perform search, analysis, and data reporting
  • Access is coupled with an unparallel professional concierge service to support our clients’ inquiries
  • Provides external access to one of the top supplier databases in the market, but also access to internal databases through our research team
  • Allows clients to have a thorough understanding of their supplier program and access to a breadth of XBE suppliers to fulfil their business needs
  • Continuous updating as sources change means the database remains current

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