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What is XBE Management?

Providing best practices in managing diverse suppliers to deliver the required quality, consistency, and volume of services to the corporate client in a collaborative manner. Includes performance and variance reporting, auditing, risk monitoring and opportunity mining.

Training for corporate clients to ensure that they are managing their suppliers as effectively as possible to ensure best quality, reliability, consistency and performance of goods and services provided. Training is focused on client’s procurement team and other key individuals responsible for managing suppliers once they are onboarded.

Training for corporate clients to onboard suppliers to set them up for success once they are awarded work. Training includes expectations for quality, performance, billing, communication, and problem resolution. Sharing of lessons learned and avoiding common mistakes from both the client and supplier perspectives.

Program to measure and manage the quality of the goods and services delivered to the corporate client by supplier firms. Program aligns with Client quality programs to ensure consistent reporting that can be compared to other providers. Quality program provides transparent feedback to corporate client and supplier to foster a collaborative continuous improvement approach to managing quality.

Monitoring and reporting on supplier outreach and other specified areas on a periodic basis against client’s performance targets. Assessment and client reporting may provide goals and KPI’s and baseline for performance measurement.

Program to measure the performance of each aspect of the
supplier performance against KPI’s for quality, timeliness, consistency and cost. Reporting is carried out on an ongoing basis with results available online in real-time based on the client’s requirements.

Our risk assessment services are designed to proactively
assist companies to identify and reduce risk in their supplier base on an enterprise wide basis. The DC incorporates eight areas of focus to mitigate and continuously monitor risk that include factors such as health & safety, financial condition, and compliance. Monitoring is tailored based on each client’s requirements and is carried out on a periodic basis (annual/quarterly) and tracking against KPI’s.

DC’s Supplier Financing partners enable corporations to better optimize their spend through extended payment terms while providing early payment flexibility and certainty to suppliers. This supports a healthier, more robust supply chain without affecting the balance sheet and reduces the overall cost of capital. Providing suppliers flexible access to cash, corporations can further strengthen their supply chain by diversifying their supplier base.

Proactive identification of additional opportunities for spend and services to be directed toward firms within client spend. Opportunities to be identified, recommended, tracked and reported on. Opportunities to come from existing services, bundling/consolidating spend, Tier spend options, and vertical integration within the supply chain.

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